Welcome to Z Scale World, and thanks for stopping by!

We're a family of modelers from San Francisco Bay area and Alberta, Canada, who happen to love Z scale (1/220).

Pages of this website include model kits – old and new – created by various manufacturers, which we feel best represent this wonderful scale.

We're in the process of designing limited edition kits which will be available for sale through Precise Modeling and this website. See some of the upcoming kits, and be sure to follow our projects on Facebook, where we do most of the sharing.

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Z Scale World

People & Products

Our approach is completely different from what has been done before, our knowledge is second to none, and our equipment is something of great desire…

We strongly believe that our passion for the community of hobbyists will shine through our product offering, making it simply irresistible!

More specifically, project is maintained by Yuriy and Danil Sklyar – a father and son duo. Please get in touch with us should you have any inquiries – we'd love to hear from you!

We're in the process of building a 4'×8' Z scale diorama, so everything you see on this website is also goint into our diorama! Check back often as we are constantly updating this website. Be sure to follow our Reddit channel.