Z Scale buildings

Selection of the best scale models of buildings and structures in Z Scale (1/220) for use in dioramas/model railway layouts, hand-picked by the Precise Modeling team.

Our favorite Z scale kits

Kits from various manufacturers and where you can buy them online. Prices may vary. Model sets arranged by density (higher towards the top) and date (new additions at the top of each section).

Berntor City Gate & Pharmacy

Kibri 36805

Historical landmark in Morat, Switzerland featuring apartments and a pharmacy shop. Bonus points if you make the clock work!


Amazon $37.99

eBay $23.37

Town Hall, Alsfeld, Germany

Kibri 36403

A grand City Hall for a grand town! Bonus points if you paint all the exterior woodwork yourself, instead of using supplied paper patterns.


Amazon $37.99

eBay $23.37

Post Office building

Kibri 36842

No town is complete without a building dedicated just to your shipping needs!


Amazon $37.99

eBay $20.95

Friedrichstal train station

Kibri 36704


Amazon $59.99

eBay $30.38

Friedrichstal train platform

Faller 282707

Amazon $34.99

eBay $19.99

Town Houses in Biel, Switzerland

Kibri 36801


Amazon $37.99

eBay $19.82

Music School in Biel, Switzerland

Kibri 36803


Amazon $37.99

eBay $20.95

Apartment buildings with shops

Kibri 36841

42×56×85mm each

Amazon $37.99

eBay $23.50

Apartment buildings with shops

Kibri 36843

42×56×85mm each

Amazon $39.99

eBay $23.50

Church Oberhofen-Göppingen, Germany

Kibri 36818

The grand church is the oldest buidling in Göppingen, achieved around 1490 in late Gothic style.


Amazon $47.20

eBay $33.72

Half-timbered houses in Fritzlar, Germany

Kibri 36404


Amazon $37.99

eBay $26.23

House at Church Square, Alsfeld, Germany

Kibri 36407


Amazon $29.99

eBay $16.99

Güglingen Train Station with Shed

Faller 282707

Amazon $46.65

eBay $30.17

Church in Kandersteg

Kibri 36815


Amazon $29.99

eBay $16.12

Fire station

Vollmer 49550


Amazon $59.25

eBay $32.90

Farmhouse in Elm

Kibri 36811


Amazon $32.99

eBay $18.86

Chalet “Gsteig”

Kibri 36809


Amazon $32.99

eBay $18.86

Chalet “Les Diablerets”

Kibri 36807


Amazon $33.99

eBay $18.64

City Hall

Vollmer 49532


eBay $21.35


Vollmer 49544


eBay $20.87

Village Inn with Cellar

Vollmer 49545


Amazon $32.99

eBay $20.87

Free architectural Z scale 3D models

A collection of open source 3D designs of various buildings and structures specifically created for Z scale using a free browser app Tinkercad. All designs are created and maintained by Precise Modeling. Models are free for personal use, please get in touch for commercial licensing.

HAPPI corner Convenience Store

Precise Modeling 0012

A convenient corner building featuring a hot deli snack shop and a phone booth.


Tinker this

Small Cinema

Precise Modeling 0011

Comes with a detachable fence/gate that could be connected to a neighboring building.


Tinker this

Coit Tower, San Francisco

Precise Modeling 0008

One of the most cityscape-altering landmarks of San Francisco Bay can now be in your city, too!


Tinker this

The best Z Scale models your money can buy online – curated by Precise Modeling.